Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome to My Rabbit Hole

Hello polish lovers! I know this is just one of the thousands of nail polish related blogs out there but thanks for stopping by! Perhaps you'll stay and we'll be polish buddies.

For my first post, I figured "go big or go home." So, I'll be introducing a trio of new shades from the Chanel spring 2013 line with individual polish reviews to follow.

The line is named Printemps Precieux de Chanel. Now, I did take 5 years of French but little good that did me in the real world...until today! Loosely translated the line is called Precious Springtime of Chanel. Original right?

Regardless of Chanel's lack of creative naming skills, they still did a great job with the spring lineup of polishes.

We have:
Emprise - a natural rosy beige
Fracas - a vibrant pink
Accessoire - a deep red brown

It's a rare point when I go to the Chanel counter and walk away with an entire collection...this was one of those points.

Here's a pic of the lineup as a whole. Individual posts and photos to follow! Enjoy!

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