Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lovely Liquid Lacquer! (Hello Aliteration)

Happy friday sunday friends! I started writing this a month ago on a friday and had trouble getting my pictures to upload and then totally got sidetracked.

Today I'm going to do a quick post about my fav indie brand, Liquid Lacquer. Keep up-to-date with the brand and upcoming sales on LL's Facebook page here:

Aaaannd without further delay, the polish!

Sound of My Heart - a super pretty glitter polish with a shimmery pinkish purple base. The glitter has hearts in it too! This is two coats of Sound of My Heart over OPI Done Out In Deco.

Sexy Secretary - a gorgeous taupe/grey creme with a bronzed orange glitter. I LOVE this polish. This is two coats.

Lounging Lily - a calm waters turquoise color with an unbelievable pink shimmer. This is two coats and a MUST HAVE. One picture without flash and one with to try and capture the shimmer.

Cherries In The Snow - a white creme base with pretty, magenta glitter...and circle glitter at that! This is two coats.

And last but not least (for this post), Cranberry Fields Forever - this is an OOAK polish with a dusty, chocolate brown, creme base and more of the super pretty magenta circle glitter! I love this polish and I love me a good Beatles reference.

I have a bunch more LL polishes that I'll save for another day but this is a brand you need to check out for sure!

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  1. I need all of the ones in this post that I don't already have.